Having a g-r-e-a-t time in Juneau!

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Juneau’s top 2-for-1 attractions!

Why not grab a friend and get your TourSaver book for a glorious 2-for-1 holiday in Alaska’s Capital City!

Our first stop was the Gold Creek Salmon Bake (pictured, above). Get two admissions for the price of one. Enjoy a delicious menu of cole slaw, salmon Caesar salad, corn bread and grilled salmon! YUM!toursaver

Next, check out Glacier Gardens. Take a tour through the rain forest and see the beautiful flowers on your way up to a scenic overlook. Yup—it’s 2-for-1!

Take the Mt. Roberts Tram up, up and UP from the cruise ship dock. There’s a great trail up to Mt. Roberts. 2-for-1!

Go for a float trip on the Mendenhall River with Alaska Travel Adventures. This is a popular trip for travelers to check out Juneau’s very own drive-up glacier! 2-for-1!

Stay two nights for the price of one at the Driftwood Hotel (downtown) or the Frontier Suites (by the airport)!

Go on the ZIPLINE tour with Alaska Canopy Adventures. This is a g-r-e-a-t trip through the rainforst and includes a trans-channel boat ride to start! 2-for-1!

Go whale watching from Auke Bay with Alaska Galore. I’m not sure if they actually guarantee whale sightings, but it’s RARE not to see any of the giant beasts! 2-for-1!

Shoot-‘em-up at the indoor gun range over by the airport. Alaska Shooting Adventures has programs where you can fire off all sorts of different guns! 2-for-1!

Grab a FREE COOKIE at the ever-popular Silverbow Bakery downtown!

Check out the Sled Dog Summer Camp and go for a dogsled ride! 2-for-1!

These are just a few options for travelers when you visit Southeast Alaska. We love Juneau—and you will, too. That’s especially true when you have your Alaska TourSaver—because you’ll save a BUNDLE!!

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