Double miles are BACK! + How I learned to love my Alaska Air Visa card.

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Alaska Airlines 737-900ER

Are you getting some of the great travel deals from Alaska Airlines this year? I am. I used my Alaska Airlines Visa Companion ticket for Christy and I to go to New Orleans for a wedding. Using the companion fare saved me about $650. Plus, Christy got miles on her ticket (including DOUBLE miles to Seattle), which cost about $160.

THIS JUST IN: Double miles between Anchorage and Seattle for travel Feb. 15-May 15, 2015. If you are a Club 49 member, you’re already registered to receive those miles. But it’s a good idea to register for the other double-mileage markets, including flights from Seattle to Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, Phoenix and Las Vegas. CLICK THROUGH FOR MORE CITIES. 


CONSTITUENT FARE: For Alaska residents who have a profile at, you’ve already received an email (sent on Jan. 5) that says “Claim your discount: 2015 Constituent Fare”. It’s for instate travel to Juneau during the legislative session. This is an initiative by the folks in Juneau to get Alaskans from around the state to visit the Capital City. You’ll save 30 percent off of qualifying fares (3-day or 7-day advance fares). TRUTH: There are cheaper fares out there, particularly if you plan in conjunction with a Club 49 sale. ALSO: you can get to Juneau for as little as 15,000 miles. But the Constituent Fare discount can save you big bucks if you need to travel on short notice.

ALASKA AIRLINES VISA CARD COMPANION FARE: There are all kinds of reward credit cards out there. But for those travelers (like me) who are embedded in the Alaska Air ecosystem of miles, upgrades and elite MVP status, well…THIS is an essential card. It costs $79 per year, but you get a companion ticket each year. SInce we have two cards here at home, we get two companion passes. Usually, we use them to go to Mexico, when the first ticket is more than $1,000. THAT is where the value is!! Two thumbs up. Also, you earn a mile for every dollar spent. If you get a new card, you can get a 25,000 mile bonus…which is enough for a free ticket between Alaska and the Lower 48.

alaska-new-interior-alaskalrwCLUB 49: HELLO!! If you are an Alaska resident and you are not a member….uh….GET WITH IT! You get TWO FREE CHECKED BAGS any time you’re traveling to/from Alaska. That’s HUGE, btw.

Also, you get a couple of “Travel Now” certificates for 30 percent off of “full coach” fares (last minute).

Finally, you’re in the loop for weekly fare sales that launch each Tuesday morning…but are available just for a couple of days.

IN FLIGHT: Watch for the new “Beyond” video package for your own ipad/iphone/laptop. Through January, all of the movies are free. After that, Alaska will charge $1.99 to watch it. You have to load up the Gogo inflight viewing app prior to your flight.

AT YOUR SEAT: More and more of Alaska’s swanky 737-800s and 737-900ERs are coming equipped with power at the seat. That, combined with the Gogo Inflight internet, makes me a happy camper. Wanna eat? New Tom Douglas-inspired meals include a beef brisket and a Greek omelet–I ate ’em. They were good! On a few select routes, you’re already able to pre-order your in-flight meal. I can’t tell from the web page exactly which menu choices are available, but I’ll be checking it out on my next flight. It’s all part of the new “Beyond” package. I’ll bite. HAHA

AT THE AIRPORT. Well, you’ll find me at the Board Room. It’s my favorite hang-out prior to my flight and between flights at SEA-TAC, Portland and L.A. Alaska has cooperative agreements with American and other airlines, but honestly, I think the Board Rooms are the best. It’s not cheap—but it’s one more tool to humanize your travel experience. You can try it out with a day-pass the next time you’re traveling!

May all of your upgrades be free–and may your miles never expire!

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