NEW: Top 10 for Anchorage this fall!

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Who doesn’t love a Top 10 list? First, here’s a b-i-g Anchorage shout-out to Clark Mishler, photographer-to-the-stars, who snapped this great shot along the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail. One of our favorite activities here in Anchorage is gazing across the sea to Sleeping Lady and the glorious sunsets! Pro-tip: turn and look at the mountains before the sun goes down. The “golden hour” offers some stunning light!!

10. Tony Knowles Coastal Trail. This is a year-round trail for walkers, joggers, bike-riders and dog-walkers. It snakes along the coast from downtown to Earthquake Park and around the airport to Kincaid Park. Bring your camera. Explore. But for Heaven’s sake, stay OFF the mudflats!

9. Big Swig Tour. Check out the new breweries in Anchorage. They’re putting out some g-r-e-a-t craft beers. “Owner/Hoperator” Bryan Caenepeel takes you from downtown Anchorage to three venues to check out the best brews. Sample 12 brews in all! Of course, all *urp* transportation is included!

8. Anchorage Museum. The permanent exhibits at the museum are stunning. Some of my favorite Sydney Laurence paintings hang here.  Then there is the Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center, the Imaginarium and the Planetarium. You can spend an entire day here. Come—and enjoy. And eat at MUSE!!

7. Ride on the Alaska Railroad’s “Holiday Train” on Dec. 13! A great ride from Anchorage to Indian and back!

6. Potter Marsh. This beautiful wildlife viewing area is located at the south end of Anchorage as you’re headed toward Girdwood on the Seward Highway. Watch for ducks, geese, Arctic terns and a large variety of birds in the marsh. It’s not uncommon to see moose or bear hanging out. And you can walk out on the boardwalk to see the salmon swimming upstream. Look closely—you’ll see the trout in there as well—feasting on the salmon eggs!

5. GCI Great Alaska Shootout, Nov. 25-29. Some people like turkey for Thanksgiving. For Anchorage basketball fans, basketball is as important as pumpkin pie! Check out the schedule!

4. Alaska Zoo. Don’t miss ZOO LIGHTS, which starts on Nov. 28 this year! We love the zoo. Polar bears. Musk ox. Arctic fox. Wolves. Tigers. Eagles and SO MUCH MORE.

3. Anchorage International Film Festival. Yup–these are films worth freezing for, Dec. 5-14!!

2. Anchorage Town Square. We love town square, which is bordered by the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts at 5th and E St. Check out the schedule! 

Drum Roll, please…’s the NUMBER ONE THING TO DO in Anchorage:

1. Visit Moose’s Tooth for Pamsome great pizza and beer. Do you really need for me to explain it to you? HAHAHAHA. This is the best. My favorite? The “Popeye” pizza + Fairweather IPA. In the photo, I’m enjoying some pizza and beer with my friend PAM MANDEL. In fact, I’m kinda hungry. Meet me there? HAHA.

For more ideas, visit . If you’re wandering around downtown, stop in at the “Log Cabin” for visitor information (4th Ave. and F St.).

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