Travel Day: workin’ my way down the coast

In Adventure, Alaska Travelgram by scott

Sometimes when you’re on the road, things can go so wrong. And then again, they can go so right. As a traveler, I do my very best to go with the flow, confident there’s a lesson in there somewhere. I’ve prayed on several occasions to remind the Travel Gods that I learn lessons SOOO much easier when I get the upgrade. Just sayin’.


This particular trip south from Anchorage was a special one. I tried to block out the noise and get some work done (w-a-y behind of course). But I just threw up my hands and said “travel day”. I gave myself a mental “pass” to just take it in. Truth is I was too sleepy for much aside from snapping some photos…which I did. Check the captions. I encourage you to take your own “travel day”. Take some pictures. Tell some stories. Let me know how it goes. If it’s OK with you, I’ll share your story with the class. And I’ll send you a special prize if you include your name/address/phone/email. Send it to me here: [email protected]

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