Sandy sez: Be Prepared!

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Does the Big Storm have your attention yet? Hopefully you’re not knee-deep in the hoopla along the Eastern Seaboard. But millions of people are–and many, many more are affected. Our prayers are with all of them as we wait for Sandy to run her course.

In the meantime, our friends at USTravel have some tips if you find yourself in the Danger Zone. I spoke with Elizabeth Nerland yesterday–and she has some solid advice:

1. Get an app. Most airlines have apps that can keep you updated on your iPhone/iPad/Android/Smartphone with flight status, etc.

2. Buy travel insurance for hurricanes/natural disaster/health issue. It’s  worth it if you have tours, concert tickets, cruise, safari, excursions, etc.

3. Talk to your travel agent – USTravel will make sure you take advantage of any waivers for rebooking and en route accommodations, if applicable.

4. Carry on important items (i.e. medications, camera gear, computer, one change of clothes, etc).

5. Copy of your passport (or take a picture of it on your phone – email yourself an electronic copy before you leave).

6. Duct Tape!  Typical travel safety briefings now include packing duct tape in your suitcase in case of a hotel fire.  Place duct tape underneath the door, seal air vents and bathroom wall pipes to prevent smoke infiltration into the room.

More info? Check with our friend Johnny Jet. He’s put together a handy resource page HERE.

Check with USTravel for all your travel needs: air/hotel/car/cruise/adventure! (800)544-2217.

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