Air Fare 9-1-1-!

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Some great fares bubbled up to the surface yesterday evening. Call USTravel  (800)544-2217 to match up the best fares with the available dates! Scoop ’em up while they last:

NEW: Anchorage-Long Beach, CA from $327rt, starting May 17, 2013!! BAG FEES APPLY!

Anchorage-Phoenix $347rt GONE! (now available from $467rt)
Anchorage-Atlanta $479rt (up from $419rt earlier today) GONE-GONE-GONE!!
Anchorage-Philadelphia $483rt GONE!
Anchorage-Dallas $499rt GONE-GONE-GONE!! (It’s now cheaper to fly to Tyler, Midland/Odessa, Amarillo, Loredo or McAllen, TX than to Dallas!)


Call USTravel this morning. The fares are changing as we speak. Please don’t get mad if they’re gone ….rates change like the wind.


Anchorage-Guadalajara $581rt (Nov 11-22, 2012 or Jan 11-22, 2013) Bag fees apply!

Anchorage-San Juan, PR $564rt in coach, or $870rt in FIRST CLASS! Bag fees apply!

Call USTravel toll-free: (800)544-2217. Or, click here to see their locations throughout Alaska and Washington.

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