More WINNERS! My ExOfficio life, presented by Magellan’s

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It’s a lucky day for our “ExOfficio” contest winners, courtesy of our friends at my favorite travel store: Magellan’s! If you haven’t surfed their site, it’s worth a look. They have all kinds of gadgets and gifts for the traveler in your life.

Honestly, I almost snapped a shot of me in my ExOfficio underwear….which I use during my Yoga practice at Anchorage Yoga. Then, I thought better of it. HAHA. I think you’ll agree that the photo (R) is all that you need to see. HAHAHA.

So I still have some goodies: a portable LED flashlight (very cool)   and some antimicrobial tray table covers .

1. Mike Flashlight in Eagle River gets the ….duh….flashlight. HAHA.  “I choose the Geo Trek’r Long Sleeve Field Shirt.  I particularly like the zippered napoleon pocket and the ventilation would make it great for days or nights here.”

2. Marilyn B. in Sitka picks up a pack of the tray table covers. “I have to agree with you that the ExOfficio underwear is terrific.  Once you experience traveling in comfort with those undies, you just cannot tolerate wearing anything else.  In addition to the comfort and quick wash/dry features, I love to sleep in them (camisole/panties) and have no need to pack extra jammies which saves room in the carryon bag.   Is this too personal?” HAHA. Honey–I am right there with you….each and every night(OOoops…TMI???). HAHA

3. Geri D. in Talkeetna also gets a package of tray table covers! “Go-To Shirtigan: Anything I can get that is multi-use and can be either casual or dressier is what I look for in an item for travel.  And the side zippered pocket is ideal for an “overly endowed” woman who certainly does not want to put anything in those cute little pockets that are right over those endowed body parts!” Thanks for sharing, Geri! YOU WIN!!

Check out the Magellan’s site. They have all kinds of great stuff. Hey–I even when to their store in Santa Barbara. They were very nice, even though I was a little goofy. Surprise.

THANKS for playing!!


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