I feel the need. The need for speed!

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That’s what GCI’s new “TurboZone” is all about. The TurboZone is a collection of super-high-speed wireless hot spots scattered around Alaska. Your actual speed depends on how many folks are using the connection at the same time. Most are in the GCI stores in Ketchikan, Juneau, Wrangell, Kodiak and so forth. But businesses are installing the über-fast hot spots as well. The Yukon Bar in Seward. Pizza Hut in North Pole. The Ft. Wainwright Library (on base in Fairbanks). Here’s a MAP. 

To tap into the TurboZone, you must have a qualifying wireless data plan with GCI (usually comes with your smartphone/iPhone package).

By the way, Happy 30th Birthday, GCI! They’re giving away prizes, running contests and so forth. It’s a thing of beauty. I’m hoping they saved me some birthday cake. Bwahahaaha.

Love my iPhone from GCI, btw. One more reason why GCI is the official technology partner for the Alaska Travelgram!

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