Super Scoop on Alaska Air’s Seattle fare sale!

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Above, one of Alaska’s 737-900s soars over Seattle.

Oh, go ahead. Admit it. You’re up early on Tuesday morning to check out the “Club 49” deals from Alaska Airlines, right? Hey–some of them are H-A-W-T.

So hot that I’ve started keeping an EAGLE EYE on Mondays to REVEAL them to YOU, our loyal subscribers. Bwahahahaa. Get ’em while they’re hot…before everyone else picks off the best dates. Speaking of eagles, I snapped this shot last week at Across the Bay Tent and Breakfast near Seldovia. More on that later.


Anchorage-Kodiak: $206rt July 31-Aug. 28, 2012. Total and complete HAWTNESS. Another in-state deal: Cordova-Juneau for just $203rt!!

Anchorage-Seattle $415rt Aug. 20-Sept. 15, 2012. HURRY!

Juneau-Seattle $329rt Aug. 20-Sept 15, 2012. Ya!

Ketchikan-Seattle $329rt Aug. 20-Sept. 15, 2012!!

Fairbanks-Seattle $517rt Aug. 20-Sept. 15, 2012. No. Really. From Fairbanks….that’s a DEAL!

You MUST purchase these deals no later than Thu., July 12, 2012. Don’t miss out on these late-summer specials. Click through for the deals. 

Oh, there are other deals, too:

Anchorage-Honolulu $455rt Aug. 13-21, 2012.

Anchorage-Los Angeles (LAX) $334rtAug. 8-Sept. 4, 2012 (register in advance for double miles!!).

We’ll talk more about Alaska’s techno-upgrades, including their “mobile” site for smartphones, their 15-minutes of inflight fame…er….”free internet” in conjunction with Gogo during August and their self-service bag check in Seattle. Yup….all that will come later. Right now…it’s all fares…all the time. 

Giddy up.

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