Avis is all over Alaska with cool cars!

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I stopped by Avis to check out one of their cool Subaru Foresters the other day. All-wheel-drive! But I didn’t snap a picture. Rather, check out Avis’s man-in-charge, Gary Zimmerman (above), at the helm of a fancy Camaro (for rent!!). I got caught cruising around in one of their VWs earlier (right)! 

Avis now has three locations in Anchorage: downtown at 5th and B St., the Anchorage airport and a new location near Tudor Rd. and C St. to serve guests in mid-town Anchorage hotels.

If you need a car after getting off the cruise ship or the ferry–Avis is there: Skagway, Whittier and Haines!

Don’t forget: Fairbanks, Kodiak, Juneau, Sitka–even Petersburg!

Head on down to Kenai to get some reds in July…..Avis is there at the airport (don’t clean the fish on the hood of the car, tho’!

Here’s a special shout-out to Canadian Residents: You now can drive an American registered car in to Canada! For example, if you’re driving from Skagway to Whitehorse, or from Haines to Anchorage (this used to be prohibited!).

Check out Avis’s fleet of cool cars: VW bugs, Mini-coopers, Camaros. How COOL is that?

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