Low fares from USTravel: what about the fine print?

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At USTravel, you’ll get the full picture of what it costs to go on your trip: the air fare, the car rental, your hotel costs. Ask us about cruises–or special adventure tours around the world. Ask about the 787, too. What a sweet plane (above).

And don’t worry about bait-n-switch air fares at USTravel. Whether you talk to Kelly Jo in our Anchorage office (907-561-2434), Linda in Fairbanks (907-452-8992), Penny in Kodiak (907-486-3232) or any one of the great agents around the state–you’ll get the full story.

We quote the fares “all in” with taxes and fees. There’s also a service charge ($38 for domestic tickets)–that’s what USTravel charges to find the right seats on the right flights–and to make sure it works for you.

Speaking of fares, here are some great ones:
Anchorage-Philadelphia $456 roundtrip, starting in March!
Anchorage-Charlotte $455 roundtrip, starting in March!
Anchorage-Phoenix $456 roundtrip, starting in March!
Anchorage-Atlanta $474 roundtrip, starting in March!
Anchorage-Long Beach/L.A. $309 roundtrip, starting in March!

Anchorage-Las Vegas $395rt, starting in May
Anchorage-Sacramento $425rt starting in May
Anchorage-Dallas $456 starting in May

Anchorage-Frankfurt, from $765rt in May!

Call USTravel to lock in these GREAT air fares: (800)544-2217. 

FINE PRINT: The best fares typically require at least a 14-day advance purchase. Only a certain number are available on each flight–the rates may not be available on all flights on all days. Baggage fees may be additional . Fares are subject to change without notice. The fares quoted above include all mandatory government taxes and fees. USTravel’s ticketing fee, from $38 per ticket, is additional. Check with your USTravel agent about other terms and conditions, including change fees and cancellation charges, if any. 

Looking for a good cruise? Kelly Jo just sent out this list of specials with Crystal cruises!

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