What’s new at Alaska Airlines?

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Whoa–Check out this candid shot of the new 737-800 that just rolled off the assembly line at Boeing’s plant in Everett, WA (Paine Field). Obviously, I did NOT win the Club 49 contest to “Kick the Tires” and fly the new plane from PAE (Paine Field) to SEA (SEA-TAC). But CHECK OUT the interior (pictured, above). That’s Boeing’s new “Sky” interior with bigger overhead bins, cool lighting and all kinds of bells and whistles. I can’t wait to ride on the new 737-800s. How ’bout you?

Ummm…can we talk? If you’re an Alaska resident and you’re not yet signed up for Club 49…perhaps you need some help. Think about it: TWO FREE CHECKED BAGS. Any other questions? Good Heavens. I spend lots of time slicing and dicing the web specials each week. They’re great–but JUST the TWO FREE CHECKED BAGS makes the Club 49 signup a no-brainer.

Check out these G-R-E-A-T air fares from Alaska Air.

Anchorage-Phoenix: $476 roundtrip (High temperature tomorrow=74 degrees)

Anchorage-LAX: $287 roundtrip May 25-Sept 3, 2012.
Anchorage-Long Beach: $308rt   ”       ”
Anchorage-Orange County, CA: $308rt   ”                ”
Anchorage-Burbank: $328rt          ”             ”
Anchorage-Ontario, CA: $328rt    ”         ”
These are AWESOME fares!

HEY! Double miles with Emirates! They start flying Seattle-Dubai on Mar. 1, 2012. Earn double miles on qualifying segments between Mar. 1 and May 31, 2012. BIG boost for travel to India!!


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