Rent a car from Avis=get a fancy burger (free) from Sullivan’s

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Too good to be true? HA–I did it myself. For a limited time here in Anchorage (probably until they run out of the FREE certificates), you get a FREE hamburger (AWESOME) at Sullivan’s Steakhouse when you rent a car from Avis. The downtown location (my favorite–no pesky airport shakedown…er…”taxes”) is kiddy-corner from Sullivan’s at 5th and B St. OKOK–picky-picky, Sullivan’s is a BLOCK away at 5th and C St.).

Pictured above…me and my Mighty Nissan Titan from Avis that I used to move all those body parts and obscure art off of my property. Hey–don’t forget to cover that load on your way to the dump!! Note the “Avis”┬álogo reflected in the hood? That’s called “subliminal” advertising…it’s meant to TRICK you into remembering AVIS AVIS AVIS when you want a BURGER BURGER BURGER. Uh, I mean “rental car“. Yeah, that’s it. Tricky, huh?

At right, Lori serves up a delicious burger with bleu cheese at Sullivan’s. Nice. Wine, of course, is available for an additional charge.

Check out Avis’s site at . Oh–rent from Avis in Fairbanks and get a 2-for-1 meal over at Pike’s Landing. I’ve done it–it’s tasty!

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