Rent a car from Avis=get a fancy burger (free) from Sullivan’s

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Too good to be true? HA–I did it myself. For a limited time here in Anchorage (probably until they run out of the FREE certificates), you get a FREE hamburger (AWESOME) at Sullivan’s Steakhouse when you rent a car from Avis. The downtown location (my favorite–no pesky airport shakedown…er…”taxes”) is kiddy-corner from Sullivan’s at 5th and B St. OKOK–picky-picky, Sullivan’s is a BLOCK away at 5th and C St.).

Pictured above…me and my Mighty Nissan Titan from Avis that I used to move all those body parts and obscure art off of my property. Hey–don’t forget to cover that load on your way to the dump!! Note the “Avis” logo reflected in the hood? That’s called “subliminal” advertising…it’s meant to TRICK you into remembering AVIS AVIS AVIS when you want a BURGER BURGER BURGER. Uh, I mean “rental car“. Yeah, that’s it. Tricky, huh?

At right, Lori serves up a delicious burger with bleu cheese at Sullivan’s. Nice. Wine, of course, is available for an additional charge.

Check out Avis’s site at . Oh–rent from Avis in Fairbanks and get a 2-for-1 meal over at Pike’s Landing. I’ve done it–it’s tasty!

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