Headed to the Big Apple? Fly Alaska Air (Club 49)

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Hey, check out Alaska Airlines’ Club49 fares to New York (Newark)  this week. BE QUICK. Above–getting settled in for my trans-con flight on Alaska #6 LAX-DCA. You have to purchase by the end of the day TODAY (Thursday). Specials from Ketchikan, Nome, Fairbanks and Anchorage to Newark:

Nome-Newark $645rt all in
Ketchikan-Newark 590rt all in
Fairbanks-Newark 659rt all in
Anchorage-Newark 596rt all in

Travel Tue/Wed/Sat only between Jan. 17 and Feb. 4, 2012.

Just FYI, Newark is a handy airport for traveling to the Big Apple, thanks to the swift TRAIN service from the terminal to Penn Station in Manhattan. Really seamless, imho. From Penn Station, I catch the subway to the Upper West Side, where I prefer to stay at the HOTEL BEACON. Folks–the neighborhood is great–and it’s just a block from the P-a-h-h-k (Central Park).

I just got back from flying a couple of Alaska’s trans-con routes (SEA-DCA and LAX-DCA). If you haven’t flown coast-to-coast lately, you’ll be happy. Well, uh, you’ll be happier in First Class, of course. But even those of us stuck in coach–well, life is better. Here’s why:

-New slimmed-down digEplayers. First–reserve one in advance (at alaskaair.com) and save a couple of bucks. I never get one (I bring my own content), but the package is pretty nice. It’s about the size of a slimmed-down iPad and includes movies, tv shows and music videos. Further, you now can use the digEplayers to connect to the Gogo in-flight internet. Suh-weet.

-Speaking of Gogo, I am a huge fan of the in-flight internet. Gawd, do I EVAH hate to pay for it. But it’s a great way to waste time at 37,000 feet. On my last flight, I pushed out a couple of newsletters and caught up on my email…right before I ran out of juice on my laptop. NOTE: if you’re connecting from Anchorage (or Fairbanks, or any other city) before flying trans-con, you’re smart to get the 24-hour Gogo pass for $12.95.

-Overall a-h-h-m-b-i-a-a-h-h-n-c-e. Almost every flight these days is completely full. I was stuck in back of a recliner (someone who INSISTS on shoving their seat back–even tho’ there’s NEVER ENOUGH ROOM). I must admit, tho’,  that I was not miserable. But because the person in front of me RECLINED (I N-e-v-e-r recline my seat. There’s not enough room), I wasn’t able to open my laptop. That’s a good argument for the digEplayer, I guess.

Typically, Alaska flies the new 737-800s or -900s on the East Coast routes. The seats are all-leather–some of them still have the “new plane” smell. The flight attendants come through with THREE drink services  on the long flights.

So, scoop up your tickets to the city-so-nice-they-named-it-twice: New York, New York. Purchase by the end of the day. And remember, with your Club 49 card, you can check two bags free!

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