USTravel: Top 10 Low Fare Roundup

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Now comes the fun part. Our friends at USTravel in Anchorage have their finger on the pulse of low air fares around the state–or around the world.  Are you ready for the TOP 10 LIST of low fares? Here we go:

10. Anchorage-Phoenix. $504rt* all in on Alaska Airlines. June 13-20, 2011. I know–it’s short-notice. That’s the “chicken” factor. Airlines are hoping you’ll pay BIG BUCKS in the summer. The nonstop on USAir costs a little more–about $50.

9. Anchorage-New York (La Guardia LGA). $503rt all in on Delta. June 13-20, 2011.

8. Anchorage-San Francisco (SFO) $441rt all in on Continental. Nonstop. June 13-20, 2011.

7. Anchorage-Chicago (ORD) $449rt all in on United. June 20-26, 2011. Although United has a nonstop (operated by Continental), this routing goes through Seattle coming and going.

6. Anchorage-Honolulu (HNL) $412rt all in on Alaska. Whoa! This is a great deal. Valid Aug. 22-Oct. 27, 2011. Nonstop.

5. Anchorage-Burbank (BUR) $375rt all in on Alaska Airlines. Valid through June 25, 2011.

4. Anchorage-Denver (DEN) $365rt all in on Alaska Airlines. June 13-20, 2011. Nonstop.

3. Anchorage-Orange Co. Santa Ana (SNA) $356rt all in on Alaska Airlines. Through June 28, 2011.

2. Anchorage-L.A. (LAX) $334rt all in  on Alaska Airlines. Valid through June 30, 2011. Nonstop.

…and the number-one Low Fare Roundup deal (drum roll please):

1. Anchorage-Long Beach (LGB) $334rt all in on jetBlue. Valid through June 3, 2011. Nonstop.

A few notes: I picked some dates and booked ’em just to make sure these are “real” fares. They are. With the exception of the Honolulu fare, most of these rates are available in June only. July and August are more…although the rates FOR SURE will come down through the summer.

When you call USTravel at (907)561-2434 or toll-free: (800)544-2217, be sure and ask your agent to take care of your hotel and car rental reservations at the same time.

Also, remember that Explore Tours is right across the hall at USTravel’s headquarters. They can make all of your Alaska plans–hotels, tours, cruises, flightseeing–the works.


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