Seward is calling! Whales, glaciers and more!

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As the clouds blow away and the sun comes out to play, it’s time to make plans for Seward! The folks at the Historic Van Gilder Hotel in downtown Seward are ready to welcome you with rates as low as $79 in May! Plan to spend the night to get the most of your journey!

Step one: After making your arrangements at the Van Gilder, book your Kenai Fjords National Park cruise with Major Marine. Click here to watch the Kenai Fjords National Park cruise video.

Step two: No visit to Seward is complete without a visit to the Alaska Sealife Center. In addition to the wonderful floor-to-ceiling views of the aquariums, the aviary, the touch-pool and the exhibits, you can get a “back of the house” tour and help feed the critters. Here’s the video:




Step three:
Eat breakfast at the Train Wreck, down near the harbor. Ask anyone–they’ll tell you where to find the four rail cars arranged circle-the-wagons style. One of the cars has a bike rental, another is a guide company. Then, there’s the Smoke Shack restaurant. Don’t miss it!
For coffee, I recommend the Sea Bean Cafe. It’s just a half-block from the Van Gilder (convenient!). Although the Van Gilder has wireless internet, the Sea Bean has the fastest service in town that I’ve found!
Reserve the Van Gilder Hotel: (800)478-0400 (that’s the number for Land’s End–they do the reservations).

Call Major Marine Tours for reservations on the Wildlife Cruise. (907)274-7300

Learn more about the Alaska Sealife Center: (800)224-2525

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