GCI’s wireless sweet spot: 3G

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It’s all about 3G superfast service in Alaska with GCI. Whether it’s with the HTC Desire, GCI’s newest superphone, the Samsung Galaxy S, or the MiFi card that hooks up to five devices to the 3G network, GCI is pushing the limits of mobile computing for videochat, long distance, social networking–the works.
The new Samsung Galaxy S now is available for $49.99 at a GCI store near you.  To get that price, you have to sign up for a two-year contract. Plus, the data package costs an extra $30 per month. It’s running on the Android system–which is adding apps all the time. Check it out. Keep in mind, there also are several phones available (mostly Blackberries) for free (as long as you sign a 2-year contract).
Of course, the wide screen in the Android department is the Xoom tablet by Motorola. I’m impressed with the package. The screen is sharp–the response is fast and it’s a sturdy little package. The Xoom is wi-fi only, meaning you’re not tied to a separate 3G package. Here at the house or at the coffee shop, I just connect through the wi-fi network. Elsewhere, I use my GCI mi-fi card.
Remember, when you sign up for just about anything at GCI, you get some Alaska Airlines miles. But you have to ask!

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