Spring Forward in Seward

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Now is the time to get out and see the wildlife in Seward. That’s me, above, looking out from the Alaska Sealife Center‘s observation deck out to Resurrection Bay. EVERY DAY IS SUNNY LIKE THIS. The people at the Van Gilder Hotel PROMISED to was so. HAHA

Everyone should make plans to see the Alaska Sealife Center, complete with Woodie the sea lion and the other marine mammals (sea otters, seals!). Then there are the sea birds in the aviary, the wolf eel, the octopus, the touch-pools and all the exhibits on the research and rehabilitation. DON’T MISS IT! 
A MUST-DO in Seward is the Gray Whale Wildlife Cruise with Major Marine Tours. We didn’t see whales, but we saw every other creature on earth (well, almost). That includes mountain goats, Dall’s porpoise, sea lions, sea otters, puffins, eagles and more! Our captain, Nicole Lawrence, really knows her way around Resurrection Bay. A fun four-hour cruise! Ask about National Park cruises for the summer, too!
Stay at the Historic Van Gilder Hotel. In April, it’s just $69 per night (great rate). Just $79 for May. That includes a private bath at this historic 1916 hotel! Although there is a shared kitchen available, it’s easier to go out to eat. I like the Train Wreck (aka “Smoke Shack”) over by the Harbor. For coffee in the morning, check out the Sea Bean–just a half-block down the hill towards the Sealife Center. Hint: they have good espresso and the fastest internet in town!

The Gray Whale Wildlife Tours run through early May. After that, they start sailing on the National Park Cruise. In May, the rate at the Van Gilder goes up to $79 per night (special “Alaska Travelgram rate”). This is a great “shoulder season” deal to nudge you into seeing Seward in May!  Do it!
Reserve the Van Gilder Hotel: (800)478-0400 (that’s the number for Land’s End–they do the reservations). Or visit ONLINE.
Call Major Marine Tours for reservations on the Wildlife Cruise. (907)274-7300
Learn more about the Alaska Sealife Center: (800)224-2525

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