Let’s Fly. Let’s Fish. Ya–Fly-n-Fish w/Rust’s

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For those of us who love to fish–it’s really nice to know someone with an airplane. That’s because (of course) the best fishing spots are accessible only by plane or boat. And planes are faster. Fly with Rust’s Flying Service right from Lake Hood at “The Ted” (Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport). Call them: (907)243-1595. Jeez–I love this photo by Clark Mishler (above): All those classic “Beavers”  lined up in a row in the glorious summer-evening sun! Ya! 

I’ve flown with Rust’s Flying Service many times: winter/spring/summer/fall. They run a great operation. Their planes are clean and reliable, including the awesome DHC-2 “Beaver” and the DHC-3 “Otter”.

The flight from Anchorage takes you across the Knik Arm, past “Sleeping Lady” (Mt. Susitna) into the heart of the Susitna River drainage.

Big fish dwell beneath the surface. After landing on the river, you’ll get all your gear together at a fishing lodge, meet your guide–and head out on the river. Salmon, trout, grayling–they’re all out there.  Oh–all your gear (boots, PFD, rod, reel) is included.

Come back around lunch time for a hot meal at the lodge–then head out afterwards and fish, fish, fish!

Whether you’re just visiting or you’ve lived here all your life–this is a great one-day adventure!  Book this special one-day lodge/fishing adventure with Rust’s today–and receive your fishing license on-site at no additional charge. Call now: (907)243-1595. Tell ’em Scott sent you.


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