IMPORTANT: I Was Gate-Raped By My Government

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In our faith tradition, this is an important week. “Holy Week”. So–there’s lot of praying going on. I just came back from our “Palm Sunday” service, where we recount the “Passion of Christ”…his journey to the Cross.

It’s against this somewhat solemn backdrop that I just read Shannyn Moore‘s column in the Anchorage Daily News. I cried. I’ve known Shannyn since she started her daily radio program over at KOAN a couple of years ago. The “Alaska Travelgram” radio show comes on after her show on Tuesdays. She outspoken, witty, funny, talented….and like the rest of us, complex. Above, I snapped this photo of Shannyn last Christmas at the Tap Root Cafe (where she tapes her TV show, “Moore Up North”). That’s Shannyn in the middle, Marja Beltrami on the left and Vince Beltrami on the right. 

CLICK HERE TO READ:  “I Was Gate-Raped By My Government”

Take a moment to read her column about her experience at Reagan Airport in Washington, DC. Read it carefully. And then pray for Shannyn. And pray for our country. It’s clear that our experiment in airport “security” has gone too far. There are many questions on how the TSA is doing–and how they should tackle their complex mission. But Shannyn’s story, I think , details in a horrific way how not to handle things.

Her story, graphically portrayed in her own words, may help others to challenge the TSA. It’s past time to call out their arrogant chief, the airlines that are complicit in this injustice and our elected officials who clearly need a “mandate” to get rid of these jokers.

But tonight, I am going to pray for Shannyn Moore. And I am going to pray for our country. I invite all of you to do the same.

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