The Social Network

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Hey, this is just a shout-out to subscribers: it’s a good idea to follow the Alaska Travelgram on Facebook and Twitter .

That’s because every now and then (like today), a deal comes and goes.  Sometimes I’ll drop it into the Twitter feed or onto my Facebook page while I’m working on other stuff before the newsletter goes out.

Today, jetBlue had a sale on their Anchorage-Long Beach nonstops. The deal was good on flights between May 23-June 11. It was for $349.50 roundtrip, all-in. Good price, for sure. But it was just a one-day sale. Oh–it’s gone now.

There will be more specials like that as summer approaches. So if you’re interested in saving some money (DUNH!), get plugged into the news feeds on Facebook and Twitter. And we’ll see YOU in the Social Network. HA


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