Anchorage Yoga: More classes, great intro deals!

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A regular yoga schedule makes me a better traveler. The hot yoga at Anchorage Yoga is a nice respite from the cold weather outside. The studio is heated to more than 100 degrees so you can quickly get warmed up (totally) and your body is a little more flexible.

Check out the new class times: there’s a “Power Hour” at 6 a.m. Okay, I haven’t made it there yet–but you can pick any morning Monday-Thursday! And there are late-evening classes four days a week, 8-9:30pm. YES, I have made a couple of those classes. Mostly, tho’, I shoot for the 9:30 am class on Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday. It’s just a personal preference. Whatever time is best for you–JUST DO IT.

Katy, Josh and the crew at Anchorage Yoga are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Show up with a good attitude, some loose-fitting shorts and a t-shirt,  a towel and a water bottle.

Newcomers can choose three classes for $30–a great way to get started. There are showers and dressing rooms. Very nice. Kick the new year off right with Yoga at Anchorage Yoga!


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