Anchorage Yoga specials

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Okay. I cannot overstate how much better I feel when I go to yoga. And that makes me a better traveler. Think about it: it’s easy to get tied up in knots when you’re traveling. Crowds, tiny seats, cramped buses and long lines. A regular yoga discipline gives you the tools to handle the world with a little more grace–at least that’s been my experience.
I love going to Anchorage Yoga–located in midtown Anchorage at 36th and Arctic. Here are a couple of specials now available:
a. Thirty-day unlimited pass for new students: $119 (g-r-e-a-t deal). This is long enough to get you HOOKED!
b. Gift certificates for yoga.
Anchorage Yoga is “hot yoga”. The room is heated to around 105 degrees…that’s perfect for cold winter days! The warm temperature ensures your body will be heated up to get maximum benefit from the deep stretches!
Check out Anchorage Yoga today. Then, tomorrow, bring your friends! Namaste!

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