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‘Tis the season. The travel season. And Alaska Airlines is spooled up to take care of travelers! Above: the hub in Anchorage (shot from the Board Room).  Let’s go down the list:

a. Purchase and check in online. It can’t get any simpler. When you purchase your ticket at, you’re prompted for your email address. Right before your flight, you’ll get an email with a link to print your boarding pass. DO IT! You’ll save time at the airport.

b. Bags. Sure, it costs to check your bags. But Alaska guarantees you’ll receive your bags within 20 minutes or the rewards start to kick in. On a recent trip back home from Chicago, my wife, Christy, got 2,000 miles because her bag didn’t arrive. Actually, I offered to drive out to “the Ted” to get the bags and netted an additional 2,000 miles.

c. In-flight. Get the DigEPlayer. It will help the time go by! Great movies and videos. Remember–no cash accepted (only credit/debit cards). Additionally, there’s in-flight internet now available. Plus–choose from several dishes on board. My favorite–the $7 cheese plate. Oh–On my left–Jamie. We had a delightful flight!

d. Alaska Airlines gift cards. You’ll be a hero, y’know. I mean a real hero. Get a gift card online. They’re available in any denomination, but the more you give, the more your friends will love you (OOOPS–sudden outbreak of honesty!).

e. Board Room. Look, I’m giving my wife a Board Room membership for Christmas.  I’ve been to the clubs in Anchorage, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and L.A. Very nice. A great hideaway from the hustle-bustle of the airport. Free drinks. Free espresso. Free internet. “Free” is one of my favorite words. It’s not cheap–more than $300/year. But it’s worth it.

f. Alaska Airlines Visa. Issued by Bank of America–the biggest benefit is the $100 companion fare, IMHO. Sure, you’ll get extra miles for charging everything. But the companion fare is EPIC.

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