Getting ready for Yoga this morning

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Time for a little personal testimony: Even if I’m on the go, it’s easy to find a yoga studio in most destinations. There were several in Whitehorse, although we ended up bringing in a local teacher for our convention. Photo: Jessica Read was our instructor in Whitehorse, where we hosted a yoga practice each morning at the ATIA convention.
A consistent yoga practice is beneficial for travelers on a number of levels, but in particular:
a. Calms the mind–there’s so much to get you amped up when traveling.
b. More flexible–think of the last coach seat you sat in.
c. Feel better–Like any good exercise program.
My studio, Anchorage Yoga, offers a series of hot “Bikram” style practices. One of my uber-traveler friends, Janine Amon, introduced me to this particular style–and it’s worked for me. Rick Resnick, our instructor, is great.
Check out the website. Then, stop in for a class–there’s a schedule on the site. The studio is in the little strip mall at 36th and Arctic Blvd. (701 W. 36th Ave., Suite A-11) here in Anchorage.  Josh and Katey run a great operation. You’ll feel better. I promise.

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