Alaska Air now offers wifi Anchorage-Fairbanks!

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Above: another nice day to fly Alaska Airlines as we climb to altitude over College Fjord. Aug. 20, 2010. Yup–I took this photo with my point-n-shoot.
**Breaking News: In-flight wi-fi now is available between Anchorage and Fairbanks. According to Alaska Airlines, new service is coming soon for Southeast Alaska. The service uses ground-based towers operated by Gogo inflight internet. Right now there is no charge for the in-flight service between Anchorage and Fairbanks.**
PFD travel deals end today (Oct. 23, 2010) for travel through Aug. 19, 2011. Here is a recap of some highlights:
Between Anchorage and:
-Chicago $194 ea way
-Seattle $199 ea way
-Portland $200 ea way
-other NW destinations in WA/OR/ID $229 ea way
-Montana $249 ea way
-Mexico $299 ea way (very good deal!)
Between Fairbanks and:
-Seattle $249 ea way
-other NW destinations in WA/OR/ID $279 ea way
-Montana $299 ea way
-Northern California (S.F., Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento, Fresno, Reno, Santa Rosa) $299 ea way
-Mexico  $349 ea way
Between Juneau and:
-Seattle $179 ea way
-other NW destinations WA/OR/ID: $209 ea way
-Montana, Bay Area $229 ea way
-Southern California (L.A. area, Palm Springs, Mammoth Mountain, Santa Barbara) $249 ea way
-Mexico $279 ea way
INTRA-ALASKA sale: 25 percent off fares to/from Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau.
PLUS: Save up to 50 percent on a ticket in January/February 2011. Here’s how: Register for the promotion–and you’ll save 10 percent on a ticket. If you fly two segments in Oct/Nov 2010, you’ll get a 20 percent discount. Fly 3 segments, get a 30 percent discount…up to 7 segments for the 50 percent discount. This is available only for Alaska residents. Remember: You have to REGISTER prior to your first flight.
IMPORTANT: These rates are listed “plus tax” because I’m in a hurry. For Mexico tickets, for example, add about $90 in taxes/fees for each roundtrip ticket. Tickets must be purchased by Oct. 23, 2010. Travel must be completed by Aug. 18, 2011. Travel FROM Alaska not permitted 11/18 – 21, 24/2010, 12/14 – 24/2010, 3/2 – 7, 2011. Travel TO Alaska not permitted 11/28-12/2, 2010, 12/26/10-1/5/2011, 3/10-15/2011.  The best fares apply for travel on Monday, Tue., Wed., Thu.

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