GCI wireless: it’s all about apps

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Hanging with my tech-guru friends in Ketchikan, I finally figured out the whole fascination with “apps” on mobile phones. Further–I’m learning that my Android phone is much smarter than I gave it credit for. Surprise!

In addition to email and voicemail on the smartphone, there’s also “Google Talk” which is essentially a “chat” function–similar to Blackberry Messenger. It’s handy (as any teenager will tell you) when you cannot handle “voice traffic”. Say–in class!

Of course, the Android accommodates all the Twitter and Facebook functions, so you can update your status on the run (In the car…At McDonald’s….At Blockbuster….crucial stuff!).

Two of my favorite apps:

Qik: Streaming video autoposts to Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Right from your smartphone.

Foursquare: You can keep up with your friends’ whereabouts. Check in at the gym, at work, at the coffee shop, at the airport. Again–critical stuff! HA!

Another Google app, Google Maps, has an easy interface with the Android. That, of course, is party because the Android is a “Google phone”.

Pick up a new Android-enabled HTC Hero for $100 with a two-year commitment. Go to the GCI website or visit one of the stores throughout Alaska.

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