USTravel: Quick low-fare roundup

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These end-of-season deals are great. Lots of super deals to Minneapolis and Denver between now and Sept. 7 (particularly on Alaska Airlines). But BEYOND that, there still are several bargains that apply for travel in September, October and November. These are the ones worth writing home about–and your USTravel agent can lock in the seats–and the best price.

Be sure and have your agent get the right hotel and car for you as well. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure (or both), your USTravel agent can snag the best deal for you in an instant–they have the tools handy and they do it all day for a living. Dare I say–it is their CORE COMPETENCE. That’s why they charge you for the service–you decide if the knowledge to get these great deals is worth it!!

Anchorage-Portland  $400rt all-in
Anchorage-Denver $335rt all-in
Anchorage-Minneapolis $425rt all-in
Anchorage-Washington, DC  $441rt all-in
Anchorage-New York $479rt all-in
Anchorage-Hartford $483rt all-in

Let your USTravel professional make all the arrangements. Call (800)544-2217 or (907)561-2434 in Anchorage.

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