Low-fare roundup

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Fares change A-L-L the time, right? So–when you see a great deal, jump on it. Enough said. Oh–one more thing: I would “like” the Alaska Travelgram Facebook page and “Follow” us on Twitter. I send out “EXTRA” emails for the barn-burner air fares.  But for the rest of ’em–watch Facebook/Twitter. They come…they go…be prepared.

Below, I’ve listed some of my favorite fares (some of them are valid ONLY between now and Sept. 11). Call on my friends at USTravel to do the legwork for you. It’s worth it to get it done right.

All fares listed are ROUNDTRIP, ALL-IN (inclusive of all taxes and fees).

Between Anchorage and:

Seattle $444
Portland 385
San Francisco 355
L.A. 464
Denver 313
Minneapolis 355
Chicago 446
Washington, DC 440
New York 478
Honolulu 416

Check with USTravel for details/dates: (800)544-2217 or (907)561-2434 in Anchorage. Oh–don’t forget to enter their “Eat, Love, Pray, Win” contest. HA.

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