Healthy traveler=Yoga

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Look–I’m not kidding. Practicing yoga at Anchorage Yoga makes me a much better traveler. Never mind being able to shoe-horn my way into the front seat of a float plane. A steady practice helps me keep my wits together when my flight is canceled.
I first tried yoga out at Winterlake Lodge in the middle of the winter. Here in town–there are several great studios. I like Anchorage Yoga, near 36th and Arctic. They’ve got showers and dressing rooms, which is great, since hot yoga is their specialty. Katy and Rick are a couple of my favorite teachers.
Anchorage Yoga has a couple of great specials: $30 for three classes or a one-month unlimited card for $67.
a. Aug. 13: Yoga + Wine. 8-10 pm Rockin’ tunes, a splash of wine, a little inspiration and the magic of optimism.
b. Aug. 14: Yoga + Chocolate. This two-hour yoga workshop will blend music, yoga, Vosges Chocolate, and  tradition to ignite your body’s innate powers!
c. Aug. 15: The Ecstasy of Deep Stretch. David will explain the chakra system which teaches how to inspire the soul in order to heal the body.
Each class is $45, or all three for $120. Call now: (907) 562-9642.

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