Era: Cookies are back

In Adventure, Alaska Travelgram by scott

Okay. It’s a small thing, but I’m a bigger man for it. Mm-hmm. Era Alaska’s cookies. They are back on the Dash-8 flights. I flew to Kenai the other day. These tasty treats are individually wrapped for your comfort and protection! ONE per traveler, puh-leeze. I asked for three of course (for the children). HA!

Once in Kenai, I got one of Avis’s VW Bugs to drive around. Such a MANLY car–wouldn’t you agree. There’s even a little vase for some flowers attached to the dash. I am not making this up. Manly, I tell you!! HA!

So, fly on Era’s Dash-8 flights all around Southcentral Alaska and gorge yourself on those cookies. I did.

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