Unlimited minutes: a traveler’s best friend

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There are several elements to GCI‘s unlimited plans that make travelers happy:

a. Free Blackberry smartphone with two-year contract
b. No roaming charges
c. Unlimited text messages (add $6/mo.)
d. Smartphone package for unlimited data/web browsing ($30/mo.)
e. Unlimited calls within the U.S. and Canada (note: calls from Canada still cost 45c/min.)

With a base price of just $70/mo., the nationwide unlimited plan works great for travelers. Plus, you can add up to four additional partner lines for $50/mo. each.

Additionally, I need the “Xtreme Mobility” 3G USB card for mobile internet. It’s really best for use within Alaska, where you get unlimited usage for $20/mo.

I’m finally getting used to my “Android” phone with all the trackballs and touchscreens. Visit GCI‘s website today to learn which “unlimited” plan works best for you.

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