The Whole Family: wired for sound

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I finally figured out my cell phone plan with GCI. Here’s how it works best for us: I sign up for theunlimited/unlimited plan. It costs about $100 per month. Right now when you sign a two-year agreement, you get your choice of several Blackberry phones–free!

Here’s the good part, though: I signed up the wife and two kids as “partners” on the plan for $50/month. That’s where this stuff finally starts to make sense.

No roaming fees–and there’s unlimited local and long distance calling. And yes, that includes text messages. My fat fingers can’t push the right buttons, but the kids have it dialed in…that’s for sure.

Now, when the kids want to go to town with Grandpa, we have a way to keep in touch with them without relying on Gramps’ cell phone, since he left it at home…again. HA!

So, here’s the lineup: I have the Android phone–and use it to update Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare on the run. Christy has the Crackberry. She’s more comfortable with the actual keys and a keyboard–as opposed to my touchscreen. One child has a Nokia with the touchscreen. The other chose a Samsung with a slid-out QWERTY keyboard.

Go to GCI’s website. There are MANY phones that are available free with a two-year agreement. And I’m happy with the unlimited plans–because I…Just…Can’t…Keep…Track…of…my…Minutes…ACK.


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