Weekend Era Alaska specials

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Weekends are great for flying Era Alaska.

Leave tomorrow (Thursday) and return by Monday (Feb. 22, 2010). Here are some GREAT prices:

Anchorage-Kenai $149 rt
Anchorage-Homer $179 rt
Anchorage-Valdez $199 rt
Anchorage-Fairbanks $219 rt
Anchorage-Barrow $369 rt HOT!
Anchorage-Aniak $299 rt
Anchorage-Bethel $339 rt
Anchorage-Cordova $229 rt
Fairbanks-Barrow $369 rt HOT!

Again, these rats are good for this weekend only. Travel must be completed by Mon., Feb. 22 , 2010. Remember: earn DOUBLE Flyaway points between Anchorage, Kenai and Homer through Feb. 28, 2010.

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