Save $20 on Seattle 2-for-1 TourSaver book

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Wow. I’m pawing through the new Seattle TourSaver. Just like the Alaska TourSaver, everything is 2-for-1. That’s e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. So kewl. Save a bundle. Here are some of my favorites:
a. 2-for-1 Argosy Cruises. Great harbor cruises around Seattle that leave right from the waterfront. Don’t miss it. Bring your camera.
b. 2-for-1  Kenmore Air. Take a flightseeing trip around Seattle from downtown Lake Union seaplane terminal!
c. 2-for-1  Victoria Clipper. Take the fast ferry up to Victoria, BC. Great town. There are a TON of 2-for-1 coupons for Victoria in the book, too.
d. 2-for-1  Seattle Art Museum. Don’t miss it. It’s right downtown.
e. 2-for-1  Seattle Food Tours. Taste your way through the Pike Place Market. Wonderful educational walking tour–and you’ll be full at the end!! Foodies’ delight!!
f. 2-for-1 Accommodations at the Homewood Suites on Pike Street. FABULOUS all-suite hotel adjacent to the convention center.
g. 2-for-1 Future of Flight tour. See the world’s largest building at the Boeing factory–and see where they are assembling the new 787! Great tour.
h.  2-for-1 Museum of Flight tour. Yup. Seattle really is “Jet City”. This museum at Boeing Field includes the Concorde, Air Force 1, an SR-71 Blackbird. OMG. Airplane geeks will love the “Warbirds” collection, too.
i.  2-for-1 Seaport Air ticket between Portland and Seattle. Fly either way on these sleek Pilatus planes. Free parking at Boeing Field. No TSA. Got that? NO TSA!!
j.  2-for-1 Hop on-hop off double-decker tour by Gray Line Tours. This is a GREAT tour for first-timers to Seattle. These buses run all day and you can get a GREAT overview of the area!!
Got it? Get it. It’s your ticket to savings in Seattle for accommodations, activities and admissions. Everything YOU want to do in the Emerald City! Get your book between now and Jan. 15 and save $20. That means for just $59.95 you can get 115 2-for-1 coupons–$8,000 in savings.

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