Alaska Air Trip Report: Jan. 8 (+Kids Fly Free!)

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I hate the red-eye. But for a number of reasons, Alaska’s nonstop flight from Anchorage to Portland last night was the best option. On top of that, I had a breakfast meeting in northeast Portland at the Cadillac Cafe. I had to snap a picture of the “Pink Champagne” Cadillac at the restaurant, even in my semi-conscious state.
Alaska 132 leaves each evening bright-and-early at 12:45 am. Nice, new 737-800. It was completely full. That said, the Alaska Airlines staff did a great job getting everyone situated. We Alaskans are jet-setters by nature, so everyone knows the drill. There was a good mix of crab fishermen, Slope workers, families with fussy babies–the works. But everyone was anxious to get situated and snooze on the way to Portland.
One truism for travel is that a happy cabin is a safe cabin. And the flight attendants, it seemed to me, went out of their way to make people feel comfortable. They advised folks to hold on to their big bulk coats (that’s me) until everyone had their massive carry-on bags towed. Then, we were free to cram them in the available space. Good tip.
I’ve been on flights where the flight attendants were nasty. Surly. Ticked off at the entire world. Predictably, these flights were unpleasant. But on   Jan. 8, Alaska flight #132 between Anchorage and Portland really was “North of Expected”.
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