Low-fare roundup from USTravel

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It’s a big low fare roundup at USTravel. Interestingly, the folks in Fairbanks are getting big breaks, according to agent Kelly Jo McGee. Ring her at (907)561-2434 or toll-free (800)544-2217. Or, call the Fairbanks office: (907)452-8992. Check out these GREAT one-way fares from Fairbanks.

  • Fairbanks-Denver $202.20 each way, all-in
  • Fairbanks-Chicago 332.20 each way, all-in
  • Fairbanks-LAX 302.20 each way, all-in
  • Fairbanks-Orlando 352.20 each way, all-in
  • Fairbanks-New Orleans 312.20 each way, all-in
  • Fairbanks-Wash., DC 369.20 each way, all-in
  • Fairbanks-Ft. Lauderdale 362.20 each way, all-in
  • Fairbanks-Dallas 292.20 each way, all-in
  • Fairbanks-Houston 302.20 each way, all-in
  • Fairbanks-New York 322.20 each way, all-in
  • Fairbanks-San Diego 302.20 each way, all-in
  • Fairbanks-San Francisco 302.20 each way, all-in
  • Fairbanks-Phoenix 282.20 each way, all-in

Here are some good deals to/from Anchorage. Note “Valid” dates:

  • Anchorage-Honolulu $459rt all-in, through Mar. 10
  • Anchorage-Denver 249 each way, all-in through Mar. 10
  • Anchorage-Portland 236 each way, all-in through Feb. 10 (purch. by 1/10 ONLY)
  • Anchorage-New York 504rt all-in (cheaper than ANC-SEA!!)
  • Anchorage-Frankfurt 740rt all-in NON-STOP

Also, be sure and ask your agent about great cruise deals, including:
-Southern Caribbean (7-day Princess) from $399 per person on Feb. 14
-Mexican Riviera (7-day Princess) from $379 per person on 2/27, 3/6
-Mediterranean (7-day Crystal) from $3,680 with LOTS of kickbacks (Fancy cruise ship, big discounts!)

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