On the road again, with GCI.

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I almost slipped out of the house without my GCI Wireless Card. Whew. Honestly, it’s a handy item. If you have GCI cable here in Alaska, this handy device costs you $20/mo. So far, I’ve field-tested the device with my MacBook Pro in Juneau, Ketchikan, Fairbanks, Soldotna, Seward and Homer. It’s fast–and it’s often more dependable than a local “free” network. Check it out.

Of course, my Crackberry from GCI stays on my hip. Do you want to learn more about the Zen of Blackberry? Check out crackberryGCI’s “Blackberry Campus”.

“BlackBerry 101” educates you about the features of your smartphone. A GCI presenter and technical coach will lead the class through a slide presentation and interactive demonstration about BlackBerry basics, such as email and messaging, to more advanced tips and tricks.

FREE! No Tuition Required!  Sign up here (classes limited to 10 participants). You’ll be able to use live devices! Sign up online. You could win 10,000 Alaska Airlines miles, too! In Anchorage, the classes are at the  GCI store on Northern Lights and C Street.

Upcoming dates: , Oct. 17 (1pm) or Oct. 22 (5:30p) in Anchorage. This is a required course for every certified Road Warrior!!

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