Love my Camry (from Avis)!

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ToyotaYa. I’ve been renting Camrys from Avis here in Alaska for years.

Juneau. Fairbanks. Kodiak. Kenai. Even here in Anchorage.

Then I bought one. Honestly, I could do one of those “Love my Camry” commercials.  CLICK HERE to see rental specials here in Alaska.

At the end of the summer, Avis sells off much of its rental fleet around the state. Here are some of the deals I saw at their website:


2007 Toyota Camry: $16,590

2006 Toyota Corolla 12,690

2007 Toyota Highlander 19.590

2007 Toyota RAV4 18,490

2009 Nissan Murano AWD 28,490

Check with the folks at Avis here in Anchorage for details: (907)249-8243. Check the latest deals online.

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