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Can we talk? Here it is, mid-July, and it’s tough to pull bargains out of the airlines–unless you know where to look.  That’s where USTravel comes in. There are a couple of destinations that stand out as super-bargains, because of intense competition.

Anchorage-Minneapolis. This is a tough market for Sun Country Airlines, who is going up against Northwest Airlines. Both carriers offer non-stop service. Because of Sun Country, the fare to the Twin Cities from Anchorage has dropped by H-A-L-F. Right now, there are fares as low as $325 roundtrip. YOU CANNOT GET THEM until September. But Sun Country has some great rates for mid-July travel as low as $434 roundtrip. Let the professionals at USTravel round up some seats for you. Call Kelly Jo on Monday: (907)561-2434. Or, toll-free (800)544-2217.

Anchorage-Denver. The big airlines have kept up the pressure on Frontier Airlines all summer. And Frontier Airlines is the reason the rates are cheap. Most of the discount seats have been sold through late July. Some cheap seats now are available–about $450 roundtrip, between Aug. 10 and Sept. 22. Availability changes all time, so call USTravel and have them check the latest availability for good prices. Remember, Kelly Jo and the other fine folks at USTravel also can make arrangements for your car, hotels and tours as well.

When you get Kelly Jo on the line, ask her about her “Christmas Markets Tour”, departing Anchorage on Dec. 5. Shop the handmade crafts and hearty treats at the lively Christmas Markets of Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Stops include Zurich, Lucerne, Innsbruck and Salzburg. Call on Monday: (907) 561-2434 or toll-free (800)544-2217.

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