Where are you going July 4?

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I’m just curious. Are you headed to Seward for the big Mt. Marathon race? How about Seldovia, across the bay from Homer? I hear they have a great  parade? Below, our friends Tammy and Alicia were having a snowball fight atop Chilkoot Pass…they celebrated both Independence Day and Canada Day!!


One of my favorite destinations is Dawson City–up in the Yukon. They combine their Canada Day celebration on July 1 with an Independence Day party for the visiting Yankees (we’re everywhere, y’know!).

Other friends of mine always head back to McCarthy, in the heart of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. Oh–they’re tough, too. They camp out. Here, we camped at the foot of a glacier deep in the park. FUN! SEAGBig shout-out to St. Elias Alpine Guides and to Wrangell Mountain Air.

Wherever you go–take some pictures and send me some of the best ones, along with a description of what’s going on.

My wish for July 4 travel? Heck, that’s easy. I wanted a slot to go check out the USS John C. Stennis. My friend Randy got to go spend the night on the ship–he promised to send me some snaps–I’ll post ’em when I get ’em.

Don’t be bashful–share some of your great travel experiences with the class. The world wants to know what a great time we’re having in Alaska! Be a real evangelist. It’s fun!!

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