Don’t BUG me–get some Buhach!

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Whoa. Bug season is upon us, in case you hadn’t noticed. Flies and ticks–but mostly mosquitos.Buhach

Call me crazy–but I enjoy seeing the flying suckers dazed and confused when they run into the “Buhach Cloud”. I guess it’s like a nuclear winter for bugs.

In the garage, we generate a bunch of heat–working on stuff, sharpening hooks and blades, moving cars around and such. So mosquitos naturally swarm there. There was a time that I just took the WD-40 and sprayed it in th eair. It stuck to a bunch of bugs–but did not intimidate the others.

I’ve gotten somewhat smarter over the years. Now, I take a pie plate, pour some Buhach on there and light it. It seems to do the trick. Whether you’re in camp, on the river or just fiddling in the garage, Buhach will keep the bugs away.

Buhach got its first big break when people discovered it in 198 during th ebig Klondike Gold Rush. More than 100 years later–we’re still using it to keep the bugs away!

Would you like a free can of Buhach? Heck–I have a couple of cans on my desk. Send me a note–tell me why you need it. From the folks who send me a note, I’ll pick some random winners. NOTE: Your subject line MUST say “Buhach: Mosquitos Fear it.” I know–crazy, eh?HA!  My email is: [email protected] . Learn more about Buhach online.

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