Alaska Air Mileage Run? YA!

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It’s true. I’m a sucker for Alaska’s mileage plan. Just now, I’m checking in for my flight to Chicago. imagesLater, I’m headed back to Seattle for a week of adventure before coming back home to Anchorage. All told, it’s about 6,000 flight miles. But Alaska Air has a special Double Elite Qualifying Miles (EQM) promotion. So I’ll get 12,000 EQMs, toward my goal of 40,000. This promotion runs through June 30. IMPORTANT: You MUST pre-register for this promotion ONLINE prior to your first flight. Don’t blow it. Go here to register NOW!

But remember this: today (May 14) is the LAST day to save on a bevvy of bargain air fares. Travel must be completed by July 9.  At the top of the heap:
Anchorage-Seattle $437 rt
Anchorage-Portland 437
Anchorage-Juneau 250
Anchorage-Maui 458

Juneau-Portland $417rt
Juneau-San Jose 497
Oh, did you hear? Alaska Airlines is flying to more places in Texas starting in August: Seattle-Austin service starts Aug. 3. Seattle-Houston service starts Sept. 23. And beginning on Oct. 23, Alaska will inaugurate Seattle-Atlanta nonstop service. To accompany each of these launches, Alaska will award double miles for a couple of months. Kewl.

A note on Mexico travel: like many other airlines, Alaska Airlines has reduced its flights to Mexico. If you’re planning a trip, be sure and reconfirm your arrangements to see if you are booked on one of the canceled flights. The outbreak of Swine Flu has severely reduced discretionary travel to Mexico. Additionally, Alaska Airlines has embarked on a cleaning campaign on board the aircraft. All pillows and blankets were removed–and each plane is subject to a new disinfectant/sanitation protocol.

For up-to-date bulletins on Swine Flu, Mt. Redoubt, Wi-Fi flights and other breaking news, follow Alaska Airlines on Twitter. I do. You should, too!

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