Get serious: experts save you money

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It’s time to get serious about saving money on travel. USTravel can help you–whether you’re headed to the Lower 48 or hosting visitors here in Alaska.

Anchorage-Minneapolis from $314rt (for travel through June 6)
Anchorage-New York City from $478rt
Anchorage-Hartford, CT from $478rt
Anchorage-Washington, DC from $488rt
Anchorage-Chicago from $488rt

Of course, your air fare is just the beginning. Check with Karen in Anchorage (907)561-2434 or Linda in Fairbanks (907) 452-8992 or Penny in Kodiak (907) 486-3232 to get the best deals on hotels and rental cars. Prices are down–and availability is up. Make sure you’re getting the right deal–let USTravel take care of the details.

Speaking of details, your USTravel agent can keep you up to date on trends and patterns. For example, here’s the latest advisory on Swine Flu.

One new development as a result of the flu problem is Alaska Airlines‘ move to eliminate pillows and blankets from their planes.

Your USTravel agents also can answer questions about Travel Insurance, particularly as Mt. Redoubt starts to rumble once again. Check with the professionals at USTravel to book your next trip!

Remember, USTravel’s sister company, Explore Tours, can make all of your travel arrangements within Alaska. Check their website to see the latest deals!

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