Summer air fare roundup

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Well, folks, the jury’s still out on summertime air fares. Why? Because they’re still high, compared to other rates around the country. So, while there’s a chance fares will sink further (good chance), here are some of the best rates we’ve come up with. My friends at USTravel help me with all this stuff. That’s why we can include ALL taxes and fees in the price. USTravel also can find you the seat you’re looking for–at the best price. They charge $38 to write your ticket–but they know where to look to find the best bargains.

We’ve listed some of the deals here. Stay tuned for more developments:

Between Anchorage and:

Maui $458 rt through June 21 (includes all taxes, fees)

Honolulu $458 rt through June 21

Denver $458 rt (starting June 11)

Anchorage-Chicago $489 (starting June 11)

Anchorage-New York City $479rt

Anchorage-Washington, DC $489rt

Anchorage-San Francisco $476 (starting June 7)

Anchorage-Minneapolis $437rt (through June 15)

Anchorage-Hartford, CT $487rt

Anchorage-LAX $516rt (starting May 17)

Anchorage-Salt Lake City $516rt

Check with Karen or Kelly Jo a61-2434 or toll-free (800)544-2217t USTravel’s Anchorage office: (907)544-2217. Learn more online:

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