Bargain air fare roundup

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California dreamin’ …on such a winter’s day! Lately, I’ve been harsh on Alaska Airlines for trying to squeeze $723 a.i. (all-in, including taxes and fees) out of me for a ticket between Anchorage and L.A.  

WELL–my friends at USTravel found a better deal. Fly into nearby BURBANK and trim more than $200 off the rate. Total is $517 all-in on Alaska Airlines. Much better. I still get all my miles, plus Burbank is a more manageable airport than LAX.


Check with the folks at USTravel this weekend: (907)561-2434 or (800)544-2217.

NOTES: The fare works both ways. Valid all summer. I would JUMP on this if you’ve got friends or relatives coming, or if you’re planning a trip to DISNEYLAND from Anchorage, Fairbanks, or another Alaska destination.

For those traveling from Fairbanks, it’s M-U-C-H cheaper to buy a separate ticket to Anchorage to connect with this, rather than buying the thru-fare as published. Your USTravel agent in either Anchorage or Fairbanks (talk to Linda or Tesa: 907-452-8992) can work out the details to save you a bundle.

Don’t forget about Anchorage-Minneapolis special May 22-June 10. Just $338 roundtrip all-in. Other good deals to the Lower 48 include Anchorage-N.Y. ($477rt) and Anchorage-Hartford ($477rt). All of these prices are less than a ticket Anchorage-Seattle on Alaska Airlines

Finally, keep an eye on Condor Airlines. Between Anchorage and Frankfurt, fly for as little as $659 all-in (May 5-12, 2009 only). Fly between May 5 and May 19 for $724 all-in. Fly between Fairbanks and Frankfurt May 21-June 4 for as little as $724 all-in.

Call USTravel today: (800)544-2217.

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