Crackberry. I am one.

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I resisted for quite awhile, but I picked up my “Blackberry Curve” today from GCI. Web Browser. Camera. Email retriever, synched-up speed dialer. Yep, the Blackberry Curve 8320 is all those things–and more. 


In addition to the suite of wireless services at GCI, the company also has a host of options for Blackberry Users. The initial package is an additional $30 per month. Ask anyone in the Crackberry Tribe, tho’–they wouldn’t part with the devices for anything.

Just for fun–I snapped a photo with the camera:


It’s a picture of our dinner this evening. That’s because instead of fixing something, I just sat at the bar at Moose’s Tooth setting up my speed-dial list. HAHA. Oh, in case you’re wondering, the pizza is half Popeye, half BBQ Chicken.

Learn more online. Remember, GCI also hosts a 24-hour support line for cellular and Blackberry users!

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