Lunch at Pi. Squared.

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Clever, huh? I mean–two of us ate lunch. Get it? HA. 

OKOK…Had to be there. We were there, actually, at the new Embassy Suites in midtown Anchorage–the new PI Restaurant.

We did our best to conquer some of the signature dishes. Executive Chef Jeremy Fike brought out some Hawaiian Sliders to start. Whoo-boy.

Alicia Amberg takes a look at these little sandwiches–Kahlua Pork inside some lovely sweet rolls. Delicious.

That’s just for starters, of course. We indulged in some salt-and-pepper calamari, before moving on to the Crab Mac-n-Cheese. Jeez. It was delicious–and I had to bring some home for my CEO to try. 

Since this was “just lunch”, we did not have a chance to order the Pomgranate Patron Mojito. But it’s in the queue and we’ll be slurping it shortly.

PI–it’s our new sit-down favorite. Check it out at the Embassy Suites in Anchorage: 600 E. Benson Blvd. 


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