Alaska Airlines fare war–purchase by April 8

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LIVE from Seattle, WA –Don’t forget the Alaska Airlines sale fares between Alaska and everywhere for travel through June 12. That means price cuts from almost all jet cities in Alaska to cities in the Western U.S., Chicago and Dallas. Big stuff.

You need to purchase at least two weeks in advance. All the fares are one-way, but I just list the total roundtrip fare, plus taxes and fees. That’s what most people buy. Remember, though: the one-way fares afford lots of flexibility. You can fly into one city and out of another. You can use an award ticket on one portion–and buy the other. Heck, you even can buy miles to top off your account to get an award ticket (sometimes that’s less expensive than buying a ticket!). Here are some of the prices for travel to/from Fairbanks:

Fairbanks-Los Angeles $623

Fairbanks-Chicago $617

Fairbanks-Seattle $578

Fairbanks-Portland $599

Fairbanks-San Francisco $622

Fairbanks-San Diego $621

Fairbanks-Phoenix $623

Fairbanks-Las Vegas $620

Fairbanks-Denver $621

…and from Anchorage:

Anchorage-Portland $497

Anchorage-Los Angeles $454 (wow!)

Anchorage-Redmond/Bend 517

Anchorage-Medford 517

…and other cities in Oregon like Eugene, North Bend and Pendleton

Anchorage-Boise 517

Anchorage-Reno 537

Anchorage-Kalispell, MT 537

Anchorage-Great Falls, MT 537

…and other cities in Montana like Butte, Bozeman, Billings and Helena

Anchorage-Phoenix 537

…and from Juneau:

Juneau-Seattle 455

Juneau-L.A. 539

Juneau-Denver 481

Juneau-San Diego 539

Juneau-San Francisco 539

Juneau-Phoenix 539

Juneau-Washington, DC 599

Speaking of awards, Alaska Airlines is upgrading their Mileage Plan computers. Accordingly, everything is getting SHUT DOWN between April 14 and April 22. That means:

a. No award redemptions.

b. No credit requests.

c. No mileage account information.

So, take care of your Alaska mileage business before April 14.


Here’s a view of the C Concourse at Sea-Tac. It’s a great view from Alaska Airlines’ Board Room. I especially like the lattes available at the serve-yourself machine. It’s all Silverhook Coffee. Nice.

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