You’re Invited to “Travel Secrets: A Love Story”

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Our last “Travel Secrets” soiree in 2018. All photos by Rob Stapleton.

Love and travel go so well together. I still remember my favorite travel love story…my then-fiancé and I took off from the airport on a month-long journey. File under “giant leap of faith”. HAHA 


Alaska Air trip for two (yay!)
Alaska Railroad trip for two. Actually it’s the Mighty Alaska Railroad!
Major Marine cruise for two from Seward (save for summer!)
Alaska & Yukon Tours (surprise offer!)
Alaska TourSaver: free statewide APP
Airfare911: Complimentary year-long subscription
“Planeket”: Comfy travel accessory to the stars!
“RestAngles” Step-up to inflight comfort!
….MORE prizes!

YOU’RE INVITED: We’re gathering once again (in person) to celebrate the miracle of travel. In a curtsy to Valentine’s Day, our theme is “Travel Secrets: A Love Story”.

Join us for pizza, prizes, a little travel trivia, some fun games and stories about why we LOVE to travel. Also…beer from our friends at Moose’s Tooth!

How many times have you traveled to see loved ones in far-off lands? Have you fallen in love while traveling? Did it change your life?

SAVE THE DATE: Thursday, Feb. 9, 2023. The event goes from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Adults only (21+). Buy your tickets HERE. CLICK HERE.

We love the planes at the Alaska Aviation Museum.

We hope you’ll join us at the Alaska Aviation Museum on the shores of Lake Hood for our fun event. Our dear friends at Moose’s Tooth will be bringing pizza, beer and root beer (water also is available…no fine wine or spirits tonight HA).

Juno Kim shares a Travel Story.

LOVE STORY: Travel really did change my life. We have some fun stories lined up to get you in the mood.

DETAILS: We’ll get “granular” on topics like frequent flyer plans, miles and points (including credit cards), travel insurance, airline meltdowns  and COVID-19 protocols. Bring your toughest questions. We’re ready! 

FARES WE LOVE: The latest. The greatest. Not just in the back of the bus, either. We’ll talk about what it takes to get the FAT seat…and when it’s worth it.

GAMES: Our team loves games. Don’t worry–no mileage runs required to win fun prizes!

PRIZES: We’ll have lots of prizes from our friends. Will you win tickets on Alaska Airlines? The Alaska Railroad, Major Marine Tours or the Alaska TourSaver? There’s a good chance you’ll walk away with a free trip for two…or a lovely refrigerator magnet. HAHAHAHAHA

Somebody won a trip on the Mighty Alaska Railroad!

ACT NOW: We only have a limited number of seats. Then we’re SOLD OUT.  Cost is $25. Here’s the link

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